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Learn How To Make A Puzzle With A Custom Picture

Are you tired of doing the same sort of puzzle over and over again? Or maybe you love doing puzzles but haven't been having the same amount of fun as you used to? Well, we may have the answer you have been looking for, puzzles with a custom picture! Here at Puzzles we specialize in creating one of a kind puzzles from custom pictures for you. We're here to teach you how to make a puzzle from a custom picture, and even give you some pointers along the way.

Step 1: Choosing Your Custom Puzzle Size

Let's start from the very first step, choosing the custom puzzle size that meets your needs. This step is more important than most people realize, as a personalized puzzle from your photos isn't like a store bought puzzle. A store bought puzzle might take an experienced puzzler a few hours, but a custom puzzle may take twice as long! The devil is always in the detail and custom puzzles from photos tend to not have as much detail as an artists drawing on a puzzle.

We always recommend to take your normal time to complete a puzzle and double it when assembling a custom jigsaw puzzle. Here is our rough estimation of time to complete each of our puzzle sizes:

Step 2: Choosing Your Photo For The Puzzle

The next step is a little more challenging then the first. Choosing a photo can be tricky sometimes, especially if you have 1,000s of photos to choose from! Some of our favorite custom puzzles to make are custom dog puzzles. But there are many more you can choose from!

One tip we suggest when choosing your photo relates to the step above, choosing an image with plenty of detail and variety. It will definitely help you assemble the puzzle down the road and you will be happy you did. 

Once you have your photo ready, we make it very simple to upload your image. We even have a whole page on our website that helps walk you through the steps on both mobile and desktop devices! Click here to learn more about how to order your custom puzzle. In just a few easy steps you will be well on your way to putting together your personalized photo puzzle!

Step 3: We Make And Ship Your Custom Photo Puzzle

Once you have the right size for you or the occasion and the perfect photo for the puzzle picked out, we'll handle the rest! We start by reviewing your photo and making sure it passes our high quality standards. If your picture is going to turn out blurry, we will reach out to you and inform you prior to moving onto the next step. We want your puzzle with a custom picture to be perfect! 

After we have reviewed your photo we will then send it to production. There, we use state of the art sublimation technology to transfer your image onto the puzzle itself. Once we are done transferring your photo we do another quality check to make sure there are no imperfection in the puzzle or image. If there is, we restart and try again until we get it right!

After the image has been transferred onto the puzzle, we move it to the next stage which is breaking up the pieces. We have specially designed boxes that help keep all of the pieces together to ensure we do not lose any. To go a step further, we place each puzzle in a thick bag during the break up phase to help ensure every piece finds it's way into the personalized puzzle tin. Checkout the video below to learn more:

After all of those steps we then package your custom puzzle into a box, put a shipping label on it and send it on its way to you! Simple as that! 

Custom Puzzles at Pix on Puzzles

Interested in buying a custom puzzle now? Still unsure about the whole process? Contact us and let us help!

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