About Pix on Puzzles | A Custom Puzzle Company

Welcome to Pix on Puzzles! We're happy you discovered us and we can't wait to make a custom jigsaw puzzle for you! If you're interested in custom jigsaw puzzles, sign up for our newletter to stay informed on when new items are added or sales are hapenning!

Where Pix on Puzzles Started

Pix on Puzzles was recently founded by Tammi Elbert in 2020 during the pandemic. She was looking for new ways to sell her photography and puzzles were a highly requested product. This brought about the idea to make puzzles from not just her photos, but everyone's! Personalized photo puzzles offered families a way to spend quality time together, as well as enjoy beautiful art and memories while doing it. Pix on Puzzles is based in the small town of Washington, MO. Everything from printing the custom jigsaw puzzles to customer service is done by Tammi with the help of her family!

Pix on Puzzles Mission

To ensure every custom puzzle made puts a smile on someone's face! We pay close attention to each and every order we receive to ensure your photo will look great on your personalized jigsaw puzzle.

About Tammi

Tammi is an award-winning professional photographer who travels and displays art in galleries across the Midwest. She has a background in news photography and loves to tell stories about where she travels. Custom jigsaw puzzles were a perfect fit for that as they allowed her to market her art for a lower price than traditional photography and still bring joy to other people.

Tammi was born and still lives in Washington, MO. She frequently takes pictures around Downtown Washington, as you can see from a lot of the example puzzles on our site. She is well known around Washington and continues to grow her reach. To keep up with Tammi and find out where to buy her photography, follow her on Facebook and Instagram!