Personalized Puzzles For Dad

Puzzles as Unique as Dad: Crafting Memories, One Piece at a Time!

Personalized Puzzle for Dad

Dads, the unsung heroes of our lives. While moms shower us with unconditional love and steadfast support, dads stand strong as pillars of guidance and comfort during challenging moments. We know that it can be difficult to find a gift for dads sometimes (mainly because they never tell us what they want!). But at Pix on Puzzles, we make it easy. Our personalized jigsaw puzzles can be molded into whatever it is he likes! From pictures of him when he was younger hanging out with his buddies, to picture's of his grandchildren, we'll be able to do it all.

Sturdy Puzzle Pieces

One thing that will surely be admired by your dad when he receives his custom jigsaw puzzle is the craftsmanship that went into making it. At Pix on Puzzles, we print each and every puzzle by hand in the US. Every puzzle that leaves our shop is hand inspected by us to ensure there are no imperfections on the puzzle itself, or the metal tin it comes packaged in. Watch our video to learn more about the work that goes into making every custom jigsaw puzzle!

Pops Approved Packaging

Once your dad is finished with his personalized jigsaw puzzle, he'll be able to either store it in the metal tin container that it came in, or repurposed it to be used for other duties around the house. We like to imagine that he's going to store his tools in the container, and we love that! He'll continue to be reminded of the photo memory that's printed on top.