25 Custom Photo Puzzle Ideas

Custom photo puzzles can be a fun activity for the entire family to do. But sometimes choosing the right photo can be challenging. Especially if you're anything like me and have been taking pictures for 30+ years! But don't worry, I've created a list of 25 custom photo puzzle ideas to hopefully help spark your imagination! Let's dive in.

1) Custom Dog Puzzle

Custom Puppy Puzzle

What's better than doing a custom photo puzzle with your favorite pup as the picture? It's like combining two of your favorite things to create the ultimate puzzle!

2) Custom Cat Puzzle

Custom Cat Photo Puzzle

Every kitty has their own personality. Show yours off by putting them on one of our personalized photo puzzles!

3) Custom Baby Puzzle

Custom Baby Picture Puzzle

Few days are more special then the day your little one is born. Putting baby pictures on a puzzle makes it fun for you to do now, and fun for them to do when they grow up!

4) Custom Engagement Picture Puzzle

Custom Engagement Photo Puzzle

Getting engaged is a special day and it deserves a special way to remember it! Engagement photo puzzles are great for exactly that.

5) Custom Wedding Picture Puzzle

Custom Wedding Photo Puzzles

There are a ton of gifts to get someone for their wedding day. But if you really want to get them something they will remember, a custom photo puzzle is perfect!

6) Custom Family Portrait Puzzle

Family Portrait Custom Puzzle

Family photos are a must. Get yours put on a puzzle and then frame it! It will definitely catch the eye of your guests more than a normal photo.

7) Custom Sport Photo Puzzle

Custom Sport Photo Puzzle

Sports are a great way to build friendships and bond with others. Remember all of those fun days forever with your own custom puzzle!

8) Custom Nature Photo Puzzle

Custom Nature Photo Puzzle

Nature is beautiful, and putting your nature pictures on a puzzle will make for a beautiful custom puzzle!

9) Custom Birthday Photo Puzzle

Custom Birthday Photo Puzzle

What do you get someone when they have everything already? I bet they don't have a unique personalized puzzle!

10) Custom Car Photo Puzzle

Custom Car Photo Puzzle

Are you a car lover? Find your favorite picture of your vehicle and put it on a puzzle so you can work on something different for a change.

11) First Home Photo Puzzle

First Home Picture Puzzle

Buying your first home is a big step in life. Celebrate by taking a photo and putting it on a puzzle!

12) Custom Vacation Photo Puzzle

Custom Vacation Picture Puzzle

Going on vacation is a fun experience! Remember the fun times by putting your favorite photo from vacation onto a custom puzzle!

13) Graduation Photo Puzzle


Graduation Photo Puzzle

Graduating is one of the first big milestones in life. Whether it be middle school, high school, or college, putting a photo of your accomplishment will make for a great way to remember the big day!

14) Anniversary Photo Puzzle 

Anniversary Photo Puzzle

 Are you about to celebrate an anniversary? Remember all the fun you've had over the years by getting your significant other a personalized puzzle!

15) Custom Christmas Photo Puzzle

Custom Christmas Photo Puzzle

Christmas cards are old school. Custom Christmas photo puzzles are all the craze in 2022!

16) Custom Art Photo Puzzle

Custom Art Photo Puzzle

Are you an artist that's looking for a new outlet to display your creations? Puzzles are a unique way to do exactly that!

17) Valentine's Day Photo Puzzle

Custom Valentine Photo Puzzle

Finding a Valentine's Day gift can be one of the hardest things to do. Being right after Christmas, you already got them everything they wanted then. But probably not a photo puzzle! 

18) Mother's Day Photo Puzzle

Mother's Day Custom Photo Puzzle

Mother's are so special to us and they deserve a special gift for their day! She is sure to be excited when she opens her Mother's Day gift and sees her one of a kind photo puzzle.

19) Father's Day Photo Puzzle

Father's Day Photo Puzzle

Just like mom's, dad's deserve something great for Father's Day. Not only will he love his gift, but it will allow you guys to spend more quality time together assembling it.

20) Custom Food Photo Puzzle

Food Photo Puzzle

Are you a foodie? Do you make a great spread for holidays? Show it off with a custom puzzle from a picture of your favorite spreads!

21) Custom Road Trip Photo Puzzle

Custom Road Trip Photo Puzzle
Did you recently go on a cool road trip? Take some cool pictures on the way? You should put your favorite photo on a puzzle. We promise you won't be disappointed!

22) Prank Photo Puzzle

Custom Prank Photo Puzzle

One of the best custom puzzles you can get someone is a prank puzzle. They're sure to surprised when they complete it!

23) Retirement Photo Puzzle

Retirement Photo Puzzle

Do you know someone who just retired? Well they're going to have a lot of extra time on their hands now! Help them out by giving them a custom photo puzzle to keep them occupied.

24) Pregnancy Announcement Photo Puzzle

Pregnancy Announcement Photo Puzzle

 Did you just find out your pregnant? Surprise mom and dad by getting them a custom pregnancy announcement photo puzzle!

25) Impossible Photo Puzzle

Impossible Custom Photo Puzzle

The final custom photo puzzle is no doubt the hardest one to complete. The all white custom puzzle is sure to present a challenge.

 *Warning: Only for puzzle experts with a lot of patience*


We hope at least one of these custom photo puzzle ideas helps spark a little bit of inspiration for your next puzzle! If you're ready to start your custom puzzle journey, we'd be happy to help! We make high quality custom photo puzzles, and each one comes packaged in a matching metal keepsake tin for an added bonus! 

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