How to Frame Your Custom Jigsaw Puzzle

Whether it is a 72-piece LOVE puzzle that you assembled with your significant other or one of my personalized 500 piece jigsaw puzzles that you put together as a family, the completed puzzle is a work of art, and you have to show it off. Here at Pix on Puzzles, we have a few tips for you that will help when it comes time to frame your custom jigsaw puzzles! Read the easy steps below to learn more.

Step 1: Flatten the Custom Puzzle

Using a rolling pin or something similar, you want to gently flatten the puzzle. You want to ensures that all of the pieces are in place, and your custom jigsaw puzzle is smooth to the touch. Trying to glue a jigsaw puzzle with pieces popping up can be a nightmare. If the puzzle is not flat, the glue will most likely collect in a certain spot and pieces may get pushed out of place. You don't want there to be any gaps when you hang your custom jigsaw puzzle on the wall.

Step 2: Glue the Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Together

Glue your personalized jigsaw puzzle together to keep the pieces in place so you're able to move the puzzle as a single unit. Pick up some puzzle glue from Lanruosi that has been proven over the years to be very effective. The puzzle glue bottle comes with a spreading applicator at the top, as well as a scraping tool that will allow you to push the glue into tough areas. Watch the video below to see it in action!

Step 3: Give it Time to Dry

It is very important to give your personalized jigsaw puzzle plenty of time to dry before trying to handle it. Touching or moving it too soon could cause it to break apart or you may leave even fingerprints behind. The best thing you can do at this step is be patient and start looking for a picture for your next personalized jigsaw puzzle.

Step 4: Deal With The Curl

If the puzzle starts to curl, there's no need to panic. We have your solution! Once the front is completely dry, carefully flip the jigsaw puzzle over and apply glue to the back. When applying the glue, try to focus on getting the spots where the jigsaw puzzle is curling and it should start to flatten out. Wait until the back is completely dry as well before moving onto the next step.

Step 5: Time to Mount Your Custom Puzzle!

Once the glue is completely dry, you need to mount the puzzle. You can use wax paper or foam. Measure your mounting material so that it is slightly smaller than your puzzle to make sure that it won't show in the frame, but still sturdy enough to support all of the pieces!

To mount the jigsaw puzzle, you will need to gently flip it on its back (with your picture face down). From here, add glue to the back of the puzzle and carefully lay the mounting material you have chosen onto it so that it is in the center of your personalized jigsaw puzzle.

Finally, you may want to weigh the puzzle and mounting material down with some items such as a phone book or two, as this will ensure you get a secure mount.

6. Pick Out a Frame

Putting your custom jigsaw puzzle into a frame is only half the battle! The other half is making sure you find the right frame. A frame from Walmart, Target, Michaels or some other big box store should be able to get the job done!

The first thing to keep in mind is that your personalized jigsaw puzzle with a foam backing will be substantially thicker than a normal photo or poster. If you are going to go to the trouble of getting your puzzle framed, you might also want to ensure that it will last without moisture or sun damage. Being as my custom jigsaw puzzles are made out of cardboard, certain elements might cause damage over the years if not properly handled. A frame with UV protective glass to keep moisture out can protect your puzzle.

I don't want to link to any specific frames on this page because they might change or stop selling a certain type. My recommendation would be to talk to someone at the store if you are unsure about the thickness of the puzzle frame itself and ask for their opinion!

7. Hang it & Admire it!

When you find the perfect frame for your wall, find a spot that will make it stand out , and hang it up so that everyone can bask in it's glory.

Now that you know how to frame a puzzle, it may be time to start that personalized 500 piece jigsaw puzzle you have been putting off. If you still have questions, I urge you to reach out to me! I always try my hardest to make sure everyone is taken care of.