Walgreens Photo Puzzle vs Pix on Puzzles

It's the 2022 holiday season and you've decided to get the family a custom photo puzzle. But where should you get it from? There are so many different custom puzzle companies to shop at, but only a few of them actually deliver a quality custom photo puzzle. Today we will be comparing Pix on Puzzles vs Walgreens photo puzzles and taking a look at the pros and cons of both of their personalized puzzle options.

Walgreens Custom Photo Puzzle

Walgreens offers their customers a custom photo puzzle that provides convenience and speed of delivery, while sacrificing quality and variation. The personalized puzzle from Walgreens has had mixed reviews with some customers even taking to the internet to voice their opinions. 

I did an online purchase for three photo puzzles. Was told would be ready next day at 8:55am. They were not. Got an email at 2:14pm they were ready. Purchased online for curbside pickup at 5:31pm. Was told would get an email in 30 minutes for pickup. I did not and called twice. Both times they could not hear anything and hung up. Went to and in store. Showed Lee the manager my receipt. She said there was a glitch. They haven’t seen the payment. She could not give me my order which was there sitting on the counter. I even showed her my receipt of payment. Being frustrated I walked off. She yelled across the floor “have a nice evening”. I turned and asked “Are you saying It won’t be ready tonight?“ She yelled “not unless you pay for it”. With others watching the exchange I replied “I already did”. Over three hours and I’m still waiting on that email to go get my curbside.

- Cheryl of Austin, TX


  • Offers same day pick up.
  • Each puzzle comes with a metal tin keepsake.
  • Ability to create a single photo puzzle or a collage puzzle.
  • Each puzzle comes fully assembled to ensure all pieces come included.


  • Limited size options available (currently only offers 48 and 252 piece puzzles).
  • Low quality & small puzzle material. 
  • No proof of what your image will look like on the puzzle.
  • Pricier than most custom puzzles based on materials used. 
  • Does not specialize in the custom puzzle business.
  • No review process to ensure top-notch quality.

Pix on Puzzles Custom Photo Puzzle

Pix on Puzzles is a family owned & operated company that specializes in custom photo puzzles. They offer a wide variety of custom puzzle sizes. Each size comes packaged in a metal tin keepsake with your photo printed on top.

The puzzle itself is made from a premium cardboard material that is designed to last for decades, unlike Walgreens Photo Puzzles (see video below). Pix on Puzzles doesn't sacrifice quality at any step, and vigorously reviews each step of the puzzle making process to ensure the highest quality custom puzzle is made and delivered. With over 350 reviews and a 4.83/5 rating, they have shown they know a thing or two about making a custom puzzles.


  • Printed in the USA.
  • Family owned & operated.
  • Photo review process to ensure your image will turn out clear.
  • Puzzles are made of larger and thicker pieces than a standard puzzle.
  • Each puzzle comes packaged in a metal tin keepsake with your photo printed on top.
  • Great custom service.


  • Slightly more pricey than a normal puzzle.
  • Shipping may take longer than 2-3 days at certain times.
  • Closed on the weekends.


If you're looking for a small gift in a day or two, Walgreens photo puzzles might be your answer. If you're looking for a quality gift that will put a smile on someone's face, then Pix on Puzzles should be your go to when it comes to buying custom puzzles. Not only do you get the highest quality puzzle material you've ever seen, but you also get ease of mind knowing your photo will turn out great on both the personalized puzzle and the metal tin keepsake.

If you have any questions regarding our custom photo puzzles, please contact us we will respond with some helpful feedback ASAP! If you're ready to buy a custom puzzle now, head on over to our shop and check out all of our different products!

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I’ve ordered custom puzzles from both companies and pix on puzzles is by far the better option. Thank you for the wonderful gift!


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