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4 Tips to Complete Your Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Quickly

Jigsaw puzzles aren't normally needed to be completed quickly. But sometimes you're faced with the task to finish your custom jigsaw puzzle faster than you originally thought. 

Don't panic though, we're here to give you some tips and tricks to finish your puzzle not only on time, but ahead of schedule!

 Tip 1: Get Organized

The first thing to do when needed to accomplish a custom jigsaw puzzle, in a hurry or not, is to get yourself organized. Clear your table and the space around it of any distractions. Anytime spent not working on the puzzle is time lost. It's important that you give your full attention to the jigsaw puzzle in front of you.

Pro tip: Keep the cat away from your custom jigsaw puzzle! 

Tip 2: Divide and Conquer 

The next step is to sort through the pieces and try to organize the entire puzzle into sections based off of the color or pattern of the pieces. Take a look at what the image you're working with looks like. Having an entire 500 piece custom jigsaw puzzle in front of you can seem daunting. But if you have 4 or 5 separate piles of pieces that all have their own color and pattern, then it doesn't seem as frightening, and you're likely going to hit less road blocks along the way!

Tip 3: Keep the Picture Close

When you're working on your custom photo puzzle, you'll want to keep the original picture close! That way when you've hit a roadblock and can't seem to find the next piece, you'll be able to refresh your memory and hone in on that one piece with a particular color or pattern. Having a guide will always make completing your personalized puzzle go by quicker!

Tip 4: Bring in Backup

Sometimes you just need an extra set of hands to get something done. And finishing a unique photo puzzle is no different! Not only will you be able to finish the custom photo jigsaw puzzle faster than normal, but you'll also get to spend some quality time with a friend or family member! Who doesn't love that?

About Pix on Puzzles

Are you looking for a custom photo puzzle? Well you're in the right spot! Here at Pix on Puzzles we specialize in create one of a kind custom photo puzzles! Our small, family owned business is dedicated to putting a smile on your face with unique gifts for puzzle lovers! Need more help? Contact us and we will reach out to you ASAP!

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