Tips on Choosing the Right Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Image

Tips on Choosing the Right Custom Jigsaw Puzzle Image

Here at Pix on Puzzles we get a lot of questions from our customers. But one question sticks out in particular. "What image should I choose for my custom jigsaw puzzle?" Hopefully by the end of this blog post, we will have that answer!

Image Categories

We have made over 3,000 custom jigsaw puzzles and counting, and a majority of the images can be group into 4 popular categories that always turn out great!

Custom Puzzles With Pets

This is by far the most common personalized jigsaw puzzle we make, and we LOVE making them! It's hard to go wrong when choosing a photo as well! They can be making a funny face, smiling, or pretty much anything else, and it's still going to be cute. It always brightens our work environment when we make a puzzle with a cute little furry pet on it.

I'm probably being a little biased here since this is my own dog, but this is hands down the cutest custom jigsaw puzzle that I have ever made! (See picture below).

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle with Dog Holding a Stick in His Mouth

Family Portrait Custom Puzzles

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzle Family Portrait
The next most popular custom jigsaw puzzle we get are family portraits! These kinds of puzzles make for great gifts that the entire family can enjoy! We recommend turning them into our 500 piece personalized jigsaw puzzle so everyone can chip in and contribute to completing it. We have gotten great feedback from our customers whenever they turned a puzzle into a family portrait! Once complete, they make for great wall decorations. You can easily frame your custom jigsaw puzzle once complete in just a few easy steps!

Custom Puzzle Wedding Photos

Custom jigsaw puzzle made from wedding day photos

Wedding photos turned into custom jigsaw puzzles are great! Not only can they be given to the bride and groom after the wedding, but they can be enjoyed for many years after! Every time they put the puzzle together they will be reminded of that special day and be able to share the stories of how it came to be!

Custom Puzzles From Baby Photos

Custom jigsaw puzzle with a baby riding a tractor
Custom jigsaw puzzles made from baby photos will not only be a great gift for the parents, but also a great gift to the child as they grow up! Once they reach an age old enough to start working on puzzles, the parents can break the custom puzzle out and work on it with them. While working on it, they can talking about where the picture was taken, what was going on at that time, and how fun it used to be when they were that small! We recommend a small custom jigsaw puzzle like our 30 or 60 piece personalized wooden puzzle for these!
Although this is a solid list, it's no where close to the range of images we get! All custom puzzle are created equal here at Pix on Puzzles, so don't feel boxed in by this list! You can upload anything and we will turn it into a personalized jigsaw puzzle for you! If you have any questions about our custom jigsaw puzzles, feel free to reach out and we will get back to you ASAP!
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