Puzzle Accessories Every Puzzler Needs

Puzzle Accessories Every Puzzler Needs

It seems like everything in this world comes with accessories. Jigsaw puzzles are no exception. Some accessories are more helpful than others, but all of the accessories in this blog are sure to add some fun and excitement to your next custom jigsaw puzzle

Puzzle Table With Storage Drawers

Puzzle Table with Drawers

Puzzle tables are great for many reasons! First they let you keep your kitchen table clear and allow you to actually have a meal on it for once. They also allow you to keep your pieces tucked away when not in use.

One of our favorite here at Pix on Puzzles is the heavy duty puzzle storage table from Bits and Pieces. One great thing about this table is the multiple drawers that come built in! This can allow you to sort your pieces by color and (hopefully) increase your speed of assembly! And the best part about it? It's big enough to one of our personalized 500 piece jigsaw puzzles!

Puzzle Mats 

Puzzle Mat

These mats make for an awesome accessory that everyone who has even thought about doing a puzzle should own. They are a cheaper alternative to the puzzle table, and also take up less space in your home! They offer someone the ability to sit down at their kitchen table and work on a puzzle, and then when it's time to eat they simply just roll the puzzle up and set it aside until after the feast has finished. One of our favorites is Jigsaw Depot's Giant Puzzle Mat, which will hold all of our custom jigsaw puzzle sizes!

Puzzle Glue

Puzzle Glue

Puzzle glue is awesome if you're trying to save your puzzle once it's finished. With just a little time and effort, you can make sure your puzzle will stay in tact for many years. Our favorite glue to use is from Cra-Z-Art. There puzzle glue is perfect for the serious puzzler! It's easily applied with their reusable applicator. The glue dries clear as well as gives extra shine and protects your custom jigsaw puzzle. Everyone who loves puzzles should have a bottle handy at all times!

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