Pix on Puzzles Is Now Shipping Carbon Neutral Packages

Planet by Shopify

Today is a special day! I am happy to announce that Pix on Puzzles is officially carbon neutral when it comes to shipping! Thanks to the help of our web provider Shopify and their app, Planetevery time we ship a custom jigsaw puzzle to you, we will be supporting some of the most promising climate solutions on Earth, at no extra cost to you, the customer!

So every time you order a custom jigsaw puzzle from Pix on Puzzles, just know that you are helping to contribute to a better, cleaner planet! Our impact so far is small, but as we continue to reach new customers and deliver more packages, our impact will continue to grow.

This is one of the most impactful changes we can make at this time, with many more planet friendly changes soon to come! We hope to be offering custom jigsaw puzzles made from recycled paper in the next few months. Currently, our 120 & 500 piece custom jigsaw puzzle are made from recycled paper, with just our 300 piece personalized puzzle left to go!

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